Introducing Sprinkler Activation Time Calculator


In this post, I would like to introduce a program developed by Jim Burns, Fire Investigator at Regina Fire and Protective Service, Canada, to calculate sprinkler activation time. He is also a contributor at, a professional community providing Canadian building and fire code information.

Recently, I published a Python script to calculate the sprinkler activation time using Alpert’s correlations and Heskestad equation. Based on this script Jim developed a standalone application that can be used without installing any dependencies or coding skills.

During our conversation, Jim kindly agreed to collaborate to publish the application he developed for public use.


You can download the application from Jim’s website here.

Update: Please use a minimum 1 m horizontal distance between the fire and sprinkler head in the application.

About the application

Sprinkler activation time calculator is a simple application to calculate sprinkler activation time. Please note that this application is released “as-is” – without any warranty, responsibility, or liability for anything you do with the information obtained by this program. This disclaimer will appear when you run the application. Click OK to continue.

You will then be directed to the main tab of the application. Fill out the input parameters under the “Sprinkler Activation Input” section and click submit. This will run the application to generate the results under the “Sprinkler Activation Output” section.

Navigate to the “Sprinkler Activation Graph” tab to save the graph as a PNG file.

Additional information

The following information may assist you in selecting the correct input parameters.

  • The image provides sprinkler activation temperature based on the sprinkler bulb colour:
  • Relationship between RTI and Conduction Factor
Source: Chapter 14, NFPA 19th Edition 2003

How to use the application