Saudi Building Code – SBC 201. Chapter 6 – Types of Construction (Summary)

Section 601 General

601.1 Scope: This chapter specifies the construction type for the building

Section 602 Construction Classification

602.1 General:

  • Buildings and structures to be built, altered, or extended in height or area must be categorized into one of five construction types (Sections 602.2 to 602.5).
  • Building elements must have a fire-resistance rating as specified in Table 601.
    Exterior walls require a fire-resistance rating as detailed in Table 602.
  • If Table 601 mandates a fire-resistance rating, building elements must adhere to Section 703.2.
  • Protection for openings, ducts, and air transfer openings in building elements is not mandatory unless specified by other code provisions.

602.2 Type I and II

  • Types I and II of construction refer to construction types where building elements in Table 601 are made of non-combustible materials.

602.3 Type III

  • Exterior walls are made of noncombustible materials and interior building elements can be made of any material allowed by the code.

602.4 Type IV

  • (Heavy timber construction) Exterior walls of noncombustible materials and the interior building elements made of solid or laminated wood without hidden spaces.

602.5 Type V

  • Type of construction in which the structural elements, exterior walls and interior walls are of any materials permitted by this code.

Section 603 Combustible Materials in Type I and II Construction

603.1 Allowable materials

  • Combustible materials in Type I or II is allowed in the following cases:
    • Fire-retardant-treated wood is permitted in:
      1. Nonbearing partitions with a fire-resistance rating of 2 hours or less.
      2. Nonbearing exterior walls where fire-resistance-rated construction is not required.
      3. Roof construction, including girders, trusses, framing, and decking.
    • Ducts
      1. Nonmetallic ducts are allowed if installed according to the Saudi Mechanical Code.
    • Piping
      1. Combustible piping materials can be used if installed following the Saudi Mechanical Code and Saudi Plumbing Code.
    • Electrical
      1. Electrical wiring with combustible insulation, tubing, raceways, and related components are permitted if installed according to this code’s limitations.